The End of Life

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Christians believe that humans possess a soul which can live on even if the physical body dies. The soul is capable of living eternally and God is the judge
of each person after death.
Christian salvation means to be saved from the punishment by God of SIN.
In the book of Habakuk in the Bible ­ `God can't look upon sin and he cannot tolerate those who do wring.'
Christians believe that the punishment for sin occurs after death and is called hell. While on earth, sin destroys a person's relationship with God.
God is loving and gracious, he is willing to forgive people of their sin if they ask for forgiveness.
His salvation means a relationship between a person and God is restored.
After death Christians believe they will be saved from the punishment of hell and given a place in Heaven in the ETERNAL presence of God.
Philosophical views of the Soul
Beliefs of Plato
Plato thought the soul was the ESSENCE of a person. He thought the soul was made of 3 parts:
Logos - Mind
Thymos ­ Emotional motive
Pathos ­ Physical needs
In a balanced soul each of these parts plays an important role
Beliefs of Aristotle
Aristotle believed that the soul was the core essence of a being but that it didn't have a separate existence to the body.

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The End of Life
Christian understanding of Purgatory
Catholics believe that some people's souls will be send to purgatory for further PURIFICATION before they are able to enter heaven.
Christian belief about the Body and Soul
Christians believe that human beings possess an IMMORTAL soul that cannot be seen. They also believe that humans were made in the image of God who is
himself eternal.
Genesis 2:7 ­ God breathed life into Adam.…read more

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Revelation 4 ­ `a rainbow, resembling an emerald' encircling the throne of God (an image of Heaven).
Heaven is a place where suffering and evil no longer exist `There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain' (Revelation 21:4).
A belief in heaven encourages Christians to serve God and be obedient to him. Christians believe that after death this is where they will spend eternity.…read more


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