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Compare the ways that characters are presented in `The Hunchback in the Park' and one other
poem from `Characters and Voices' anthology.

Although both Thomas' `The Hunchback in the Park' and Armitage's `The Clown Punk' are
based in completely different time periods, they convey similar messages about unaccepted
identities and…

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as they aren't `normal' enough to be in the same status bracket as other humans in society. However,
what people forget to consider is the fact that there aren't any real solid unmoving boundaries on
what normal truly is. In both poems, `The Clown Punk' and `The Hunchback in the…

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nature similes used throughout the course of the poem. This is done I order to represent the fact that
the hunchback feels he is not like other humans and seems at home in the wild. It is ironic for the poet
to choose to use nature similes in this poem…




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