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The Circulatory System…read more

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The four parts of blood are: Plasma, Red Blood Cells,
White Blood Cells and Platelets.
Plasma is the liquid part of blood.
Plasma carries chemicals (such as food and waste)
around the body.
Red Blood Cells are formed in bone marrow.
Red Blood Cells contain a red, iron-based pigment
called Haemoglobin.
White Blood Cells are made in bone marrow.
White Blood Cells fight infections.
Platelets are made in bone marrow.
Platelets cause blood to clot.…read more

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Blood Vessels
There are three types of blood vessels: Arteries, Veins and Capillaries.
Arteries carry blood away from the heart.
Arteries carry blood under high pressure.
Arteries have thick, strong walls to resist the pressure.
Veins carry blood towards the heart.
Veins carry blood under low pressure.
Veins have thin walls.
Veins have valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards.
Capillaries connect Arteries to Veins.
Capillaries are tiny and very numerous.
Capillaries have very thin walls, only 1 cell thick.
Capillaries allow substances to pass in and out.…read more

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The Heart
The Pulmonary Artery is on the top left side of the
heart. It carries blood out of the heart.
The Aorta is on the top right side of the heart. It carries
blood out of the heart.
The Vena Cava are on the mid-left side of the heart.
They carry blood into the heart.
The Right Atrium is on the left side of the heart,
connected to the Vena Cava.
The Right Ventricle is on the lower left side of the
There is a valve in between the Right Ventricle and the
Right Atrium.…read more

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The Heart (2)
The Heart is made up of Cardiac Muscle, which is
muscle that doesn't tire.
The Left Ventricle is on the lower right side of the
The Left Atrium is on the upper right side of the
The Pulmonary vein pumps blood into the left
A valve is in between the Left Atrium and Left
Ventricle.…read more


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