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  • The Heart
    • Mammals have a double circulatory system.
      • First system connects heart lungs.
        • Deoxygenated blood is pumped to the lungs to take in oxygen. the blood returns to the heart.
      • Second system connects heart to the rest of the body.
        • Oxygenated blood in the heart is pumped out to the body. it gives up its oxygen. deoxygenated blood returns to heart to be pumped out to the lungs again.
      • Advantages: returning blood to the heart after picking up oxygen at the lungs means it can be pumped out around the body at a higher temperature.
        • Increases rate of blood flow to the tissues, so more oxygen can be delivered to the cells.
          • Important because mammals use up a lot of oxygen to maintain their body temperature.
    • Right atrium - Left atrium
      • 1) Pulmonary artery 2) Vena cava 3) Semi lunar valve 4) Tricuspid valve 5) Right ventricle 6) Left ventricle 7) Bicuspid valve 8) Semi lunar valve 9) Pulmonary vein 10) Aorta.


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