The China One Child Policy

The China One Child Policy and what it is

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The China One Child Policy
1940's Chinese government encouraged large families to gain military strength and
agricultural production
Led to overpopulation (estimated 55 million every 3 years)
1979 China introduced one child policy
Marriageable age was also raised 22 for men and 20 for women
What was the policy?
One Child Policy stated couples must apply for a certificate before they were
allowed a child
Chinese government provided housing, food, education and health services for
people who cooperated
People who didn't cooperate were fined and offered no help from the state
Women who became pregnant a second time were usually forced to have an
abortion and offered sterilisation
Granny Police: older people employed to spy on younger generations to make sure
rules of one child policy were followed
Contraception and family planning forced on people against their will
Exceptions to the One Child Policy: The Han, Ethnic Minorities
The Han ­ allowed second child if the first is mentally or physically handicapped
In rural areas the Han are allowed a second child if the first was a girl (to make
money from the labour a boy provides)
Bribes accepted from rural areas to keep spies quiet if they spotted a `two child'
Ethnic minorities allowed 2 children and sometimes up to 4 if noone was checking
If a parent was an only child but subject to birth spacing (3 or 4 years)
Government didn't want ethnic minorities to die out
Opposition to the one child policy grew in rural areas
Sex selective abortions (girls aborted)
Little emperor syndrome ­ boys treated better than girls
Increase of the number of orphans particularly girls
High divorce rate involving women whose child is a girl as men want to try with
another woman for a boy
Child killing (infanticide)
China's population reduced by 300 million approx.
End of the 1990's the birth rate has fallen from 31 to 19 over 20 years

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Birth rate slowed down and there is a worry that there is not enough babies to
maintain a population
Male and female ratio 117:100 meaning there is a struggle to find a wife
Policy has been relaxed ­ some families now allowed 2 children but still need
permission (trailed in 300 districts)
Likely to lose some wages if you have more than 1 child and colleagues lose some
of their wages as well (10% cut)…read more


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