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B io Factsheet
January 2002 Number 101

The Brain
The brain is vital for the coordination of responses and activities. The CSF is a type of lymph which effectively bathes the brain and spinal
This Factsheet summarises: cord as it is contact with both the inside and outside. It provides…

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The Brain Bio Factsheet

Exam Hint - make sure you know which parts of the brain are listed in If this area is damaged, visual images cannot be processed for example, a
your specification ­ different boards ask for different regions. person may see an old friend, but will not…

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The Brain Bio Factsheet

Exam hint - when writing the functions make sure you always say, for Practice Questions
example, `control of osmoregulation' as just `osmoregulation' would 1. The diagram below shows a human brain as seen from the side.
not get the marks.

Alzheimer's Disease
If nerve cells…


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