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The body's response to stress
SANS and HPAC…read more

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Stress : A mismatch between the
perceived demands of the
environment and one's perceived
ability to cope with those
Stressor : any internal or external
factors that are threatening and
have the potential to produce a
stress response.…read more

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SANS (sympatheticomedullary
· Stressor interpreted by the higher brain or cerebral
· Cerebral cortex then activated the hypothalamus
· The hypothalamus stimulates the autonomic centre in
the brain stem and this activates the sympathetic
· An electrical impulse is then sent from the SANS to the
adrenal gland, specifically the adrenal medulla
· The adrenal medulla then releases the hormone
adrenaline into the blood stream and a neurone
transmitter, noradrenaline.
· This hormone and neurone transmitter increase blood
pressure and have other physiological effects as part of
the `fight or flight' response.…read more

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HPAC (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal
· HPAC response is for long term stress.
· The stressor is interpreted by the higher brain
· This stimulates the hypothalamus to release a
hormone known as CRH which stimulates the
pituitary gland.
· The pituitary gland releases the stress hormone
· ACTH stimulates the adrenal cortex causing it to
release corticosteroids (cortisol and aldesterone)
into the blood stream.
· These hormones cause physiological effects such as
suppressing the immune system and increasing the
bloods glucose levels.…read more


Aimee Smith


Isabel Maile! Fancy seeing you, here! :D 

Aimee Smith


Isabel Maile! Fancy seeing you, here! :D 

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