The Arrest of Jesus

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The Arrest of Jesus
Knowledge Understanding
(22:47) "Jesus was still speaking when Jesus instruction about prayer is
a crowd arrived, led by Judas, one of interrupted by Judas.
the twelve disciples. He came up to Irony that a kiss is the signal as it is
Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said, supposed to be a sign of
`Judas, it is with a kiss that you betray friendship, but in this case it is a
the Son of Man?" sign of betrayal.
This is the fulfilment which Jesus
spoke about in the Last Supper.
Jesus is composed and exposes
Judas' treachery.
(22:49) "When the disciples who were The disciples have been in a prayer
with Jesus saw what was going to less sleep therefore react with
happen, they asked, `Shall we use our violence.
swords, Lord?' And one of them struck Irony that Judas' kiss of death is
the High Priest's slave and cut off his now matched with the disciples'
right ear." address of Jesus as `Lord.'
Their attempt to prevent arrest
reveals their failure to understand
that in these events God's purpose
is being fulfilled.
(22:51) "But Jesus said, `Enough of Jesus reverses the act of violence
this!" He touched the man's ear and by act of healing. He shows
healed him. compassion.
(22:52) "The Jesus said to the chief Jesus is in control of the events.
priests and the officers of the temple He uses a question to confront and
guard and the elders who had come expose the duplicity of High
there to get him, `Did you have to Priest's prose.
come with swords and clubs, as
though I were an outlaw? I was with

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Temple every day, and you Luke places the responsibility for
did not try to arrest me. But this is your Jesus' arrest on the Jewish
hour to act, when the power of religious leaders.
darkness rules." Jesus proclaims that it is their hour,
the time for temporary triumph of
Luke contrasts light and darkness
as an image of salvation coming to
those who are in the darkness of
evil and sin.
The arrest forms a bridge to the
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