The Gunpowder plot

The gunpowder plot

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Gunpowder plot
Robert Catesby ­ Was the leader of the plot and a devoted catholic and wanted
Tom Winton ­ Catesby cousin and right hand man
Guy Fawkes ­ Was to set the fuse
Thomas Percy leased out the buildings
Jack Wright Best swordsman in England
In Elizabeth's reign the pope excommunicated her and the pope called upon all loyal
Catholics to take up arms against her. Basically, he wanted all Catholics to commit
treason against her. Elizabeth set up the Act of uniformity which meant that Catholics
basically had no rights. Priests had to be hidden in Priest holes in people's houses
Henry Garnet The Head of the Jesuits
James announced that he hated the Catholics and he ordered all Jesuits and priests out
of his kingdom. The Catholic community were devastated. They thought they would
get peace from James instead they just received more distrust.
Thomas Percy bought a house next door the houses of parliament and to not arouse
suspicion Guy Fawkes started living there under the allies of John Johnson. Luckily the
ground floor directly underneath the king's chambers was empty so Thomas Percy
leased that too.
The gunpowder was ferried across the Thames from Catesby house on the riverbank
eventually 36 barrels had accumulated underneath the parliament.
Catesby confessed to his priest ­ Tesmond looking for absolution for the crime he was
about to commit.
Parliament was postponed twice. During this time Catesby used it to get more money
and recruit more members the final 13th
member was Catesby's friend Francis Tresham
who had member of his family in parliament. A letter was sent, presumably from
Tresham, to William parker warning him not to go to parliament. Parker gave this
letter to Robert Cecile ­ James' chief spy master And he ordered a search of Thomas
Percys establishments , where they found Guy Fawkes and the 36 barrels of

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The conspirators planned to use Elizabeth (James' Daughter) as their catholic puppet
queen. But when they discovered that the plan had failed they didn't kidnap Elizabeth
but instead tried to rally troops to march on London. But when they told the masses
what they'd done and they lied saying that the king was dead, they scarpered wanting
no part in their treason.…read more


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