The Earth and Its Atmosphere- Core Chemistry C1.7

Notes on Core Chemistry "The Earth and Its Atmosphere" chapter 7, including the subtopics:

-Structure of the Earth

-Continental Drift & Alfred Wegener's Theory

-How Life Started on Earth & Miller-Urey Experiment

-The Earth's Atmosphere & How it's Changed.

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The Earth and Its Atmosphere Core Chemistry AQA C1.7

The Structure of the Earth
The Earth has 3 main layers within its structure:

The Core is the inner most layer and is made up of Iron.
The Mantle is the largest layer within the Earth and sits between the Crust…

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Wegener's Theory
Alfred Wegener discovered that the coastlines of South America and South Africa almost
perfectly fit together.
He came up with the theory that the continents were once on giant land mass called
Pangea, and that tectonic movement had caused the continents to eventually move
away and separate.

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We still do not know if the gases used in the MillerUrey experiment are the gases found in
the early atmosphere.
It is unknown how these chemicals of early life evolved into cells.

The Earth's Atmosphere

The Changing Atmosphere
The early atmosphere was made up of 98% carbon dioxide and…

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These changes caused the gases in today's atmosphere to differ from the early
atmosphere as carbon dioxide has been removed from the atmosphere.
The current atmosphere is made up of 79% nitrogen (thought to have been produced from
the ammonia in the early atmosphere), 21% oxygen and <1% other gases.…




This is a really useful resource and has helped with my chemistry revision greatly.

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