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The Challenges Of An
Urban World

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Global Trends In Urbanisation
The worlds population is becoming increasingly urbanised & cities in developing countries are
growing at a particularly fast rate.
Urbanisation In Developing Countries
-This urban growth has similarities & differences to the developed world.
-By 2010, there were 23 megacities (urban areas with over 10 million inhabitants). Over half
were developing countries.…read more

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Urbanisation In The UK, A Developed
Towns & cities continued
1750 to grow as a result of
rural depopulation.
Impact of industrial & 2012
agricultural revolutions-
people moved to the cites to 80% of population live in
find work in the new factories towns/cities.
as less labour was needed in
the countryside. Towns grew
at a rate of 10% per year.
Due to some movement back to the countryside for a
better quality of life, some towns & cities are shrinking
slightly. However, some places such as Birmingham
continue to grow as younger people want to live in the
centre (re-urbanisation)…read more

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Similarities Of Urbanisation In
Developing & Developed Countries
Movement of people to
the cities because
fewer jobs in the
countryside due to
mechanisation (push
Similarities More jobs available
in the cities & towns
& better facilities, e.
g electricity, piped
water & health care
(pull factor)…read more

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Differences Of Urbanisation In
Developing & Developed Countries
High fertility rates in
city populations
(families have
children) has been a Differences Better conditions
major factor in has meant the
increase of birth rate is
population. higher than the
death rate.
Speed of
much faster.…read more

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Megacities- World cities with population over 10 million.
Examples Of Megacities: Developing World:
Devolved World: -Sao Paulo
-New York -Beijing
-Istanbul -Mexico City
-Moscow -Rio de Janeiro
-Los Angeles -Mumbai…read more

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