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The biology of how drugs work:

Mode of action
How does the drug work in the body?
It refers to how a drug affects biochemistry and physiological functions
Drugs act by stimulating or depressing normal physiological functions
1­ Attach to the receptorsand have the same effect as a neurotransmitter (the…

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o Most drugs will affect GABA
Psychoactive drugs:
Stimulants= increase activity
Depressants = decreases activity
Both act on the CNS (brain and spinal cord) and can cause a chemical dependency
Acts indirectly on dopamine (involved in brains reward pathway)
Blocks the dopamine reuptake pump
Dopamine remains active in…

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The role of enzymes ­ More enzymes are produced in the liver to break down the drug
molecules. The body becomes more efficient at removing the drug from the body and more
drug is needed to have the same effect.


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