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When Gaius Vipstanus and Gaius Fonteius were
consuls...…read more

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· Nero loves her more and more
· Doesn't want to marry him while Agrippina is
· Says:
­ "Orphan!"
­ "You're being controlled!"
­ "Why are you delaying my marriage?"
­ "Is my beauty/family/fertility/character not good enough
for you?"
­ "Will your wife tell on you?"
­ "Fine then, I'll go back to Otho. I'd rather hear about you
than see you."…read more

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What did people do?
· No-one forbade Poppaea!
· Everyone wanted Agrippina gone
· Ignored it all
· No-one believed Nero would kill his mother

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Agrippina and Nero
· Feasting in afternoons
· Nero drunk
· Incest
· Acte sent in
­ Incest is generally known about
­ Agrippina boasts!
­ Soldiers will not support him
· Rusticus:
­ Nero wanted incest, not Ag.
­ BUT no-one else agreed…read more

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Agrippina's incest
· Lepidus · Germanicus
· Pallas · Nero…read more

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