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Symphony No.40 in G minor K.550
1788…read more

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Features of Classical Music
Development of piano
The strings play melody
Clear, simple structure
Mostly homophonic texture, polyphonic texture was
sometimes used
Harmony - Diatonic
Metre and Tempo are very regular…read more

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Movements in Pace
Symphony No.40
1st Movement Molto Allegro
(very fast)
2nd Movement Andante
(walking pace)
3rd Movement Allegretto
(fairly fast)
4th Movement Allegro assai
(very, very fast)…read more

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Sonata Form
Exposition Development Recapitulation
1st Subject 2nd Subject ·Develop ·Gminor
·Gminor ·Bb major (rel. major) melodies throughout (1st &
·Molto Allegro ·Augmented notes ·Rapid modulati 2nd)
·4/4 ·melody shared ons- exploring ·Restates
·Piano between strings keys exposition in
·Melody begins and woodwind ·contrapuntal slightly shorter,
on an anacrusis ·starts on the first ·use different way
·2 quavers then beat of the bar of imitation
a crotchet - a ·Same semitones ·Based on 1st
falling Falling chromatic Subject Extended CODA
semitone motif phrases ·Chromatisism ·Longer
·question and ·Lyrical, relaxed ·Pedal Points ·repeated perf
answer phrasing mood used ect
·Forte &Intense
sfz. cadences play
·Bb major ·CODETTA ed by full
·Chromatic ·Imitation between orchestra
·Violins ­ clarinet &bassoon (tutti).
descending ·4 G minor
·Then repeats...
sequence chords…read more

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Tonality and Harmony
Gminor Relative Major
Bb Major
· G minor
·Exposition- B flat major (relative major)
·Much Chromatisism Used
·Development - remote key of F sharp minor, before
exploring the Circle of fifths until a passage of the
dominant preparation for...
· G minor (tonic) in the Recapitulation.
·All of the Recapitulation is in the tonic key…read more

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Classical Orchestra
2 oboes
2 clarinets
2 bassoons
2 horns
strings Trumpets
1st violins or Timpani
2nd violins
Cellos Drums
Double basses…read more

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