summary of work energy and power

summary of the key points needed for the work energy and power chapter in the As physics syllabus.

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Summary of work, energy and power
Work done, W = force, F x displacement in the direction of the
force, s
If the force acts at an angle to the displacement : W = F cos x
Energy is the ability to do work . Work and energy are
measured in joules (J). work done = energy transferred.

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Power is the rate of doing work.
The two types of mechanical energy are kinetic energy (Ek= ½
mv2) and potential energy (Ep=mgh). Energy is always
conserved, though it is not always transferred in useful forms.
If kinetic energy is conserved in a collision, the collision is
In inelastic collisions some of the initial kinetic energy is
transferred to other forms.…read more

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Momentum is always conserved, if no resultant external force
is acting.…read more


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