Summary of Business ethics

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Business ethics considers the relationship between business and consumers, employers and
employees and between the enjoyment and globalisation. It is now more than ever important to be
ethical in business to avoid scandals and public scrutiny e.g. gap over child labour scandal. Business
ethics most now consider as Anita Roddorick put is "being good is good business"
To consider:
Customers rights safety of products e.g. when nestle look their product to Africa after the US
had declared their product unsafe in order to gain profit
cases such as Nike over child labour and BBC programme concerning Primark and child labour
importance of consumers in making sure that business acts ethically
Whistle blowing and the employees' rights to speak over an issue
Considering the amount of waste made by a company
Effects of globalisation and transnational companies on poorer ones
Religious views:
In the new testament in Leviticus 19:13 argues that labourers should be paid a fair wage this
would mean that business ethics considers the importance of equality justice and fair wage in
a business
Exodus 20:13 in the bible further argues that we should not steal
And Jesus in the new testament argues that we should treat others how we would want to
be treated
Prophet Amos teaches about rich people unfairly teaching the poor
The book of timothy argues that money is the root to all evil
Proverbs teaches that we should not just acclimate wealth for no reason and we should work
for our money
And the book of Matthew teaches that we cannot serve both God and money
Different religious sector take different view e.g. Protestant takes an individualist approach.
Protestants have a very individual approach and focus on people being brought forward to
their purpose e.g. a business man could be praised for his charity with the community and
there also saw capitalism as bad causing social inequalities.
Catholics on the hand are more focused on groups and criticise communism and capitalism
regimes which has lead them to set up organisations that monitor harm done to shareholders
Virtue ethics
Virtue ethics as an agent centred ethic would focus on the type of person a virtuous person
would be asking the question such as what sort of business man ,employee, employer should
I be rather than how should I act
A virtuous business person be one that did excellent things a person who lived will within
the community helping and living harmoniously therefor they would not cause harm to the
community or harm workers with their products
They would use the reason correctly in order to make just decisions that would eventual
allow them to achieve human flourishing

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The phronesis would allow them to use they practical wisdom correctly to know how to act
Would argue that in business people should show virtuous traits such that seen in Plato's
cardinal virtues of courage temperance, justice etc
Living together as an ethical business is central and profit it just a means but people and the
community should be the most important thing in a community
Greatest good got the greatest number
Follows the idea that we should use people as…read more

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It also advocates that business should act in an ethically correct way that would be seen as
He does not accept bribery or corruption within a business and argues that business can be
used to promote world peace in society .…read more


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