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AQA Unit 4 Biology
Frihah Parvaiz

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Succession Succession from pioneer species to climax community.

At each stage in succession, certain species may be recognized which
change the environment so that it becomes more suitable for other species.

The changes in the abiotic environment result in a less hostile environment and changing diversity.


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Secondary succession
Occurs in areas where life is present but has been altered. The changes are similar to those in primary succession but the
process is usually faster as fertile soil, is present. Causes of secondary succession:
Natural catastrophes that remove existing vegetation
Human destruction of climax communities eg; burning…

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Conservation of habitats frequently involves management of succession.


Candidates should be able to
· use their knowledge and understanding to present scientific arguments
and ideas relating to the conservation of species and habitats

· evaluate evidence and data concerning issues relating to the
conservation of species and habitats and…

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· explain how conservation relies on science to inform decision -making.

Scientific Results Decision
African elephant numbers dropped A governing body ended the ivory
because they were being hunted trade and so fewer elephants were
hunted for tusks
Pesticide DTT was responsible for DTT was banned to try to conserve…

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