Strategies for Memory Improvement-Mindmap

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One is
bun. Two is
shoe. ETC
'i' before 'e' Best when
except after 'c' learning a list
Peg Word
Technique Mnemonic Still have to
Mnemonic Strategies remember
Verses Limitations
with locations Strategies
Method of Loci for memory Mnemonics
Multi store
Using things
Words from to cue recall.
STM to LTM Bower Narrative
through and Clark Stories
rehearsal First Letter
Group 1: 12
lists containing Group 2:
control group, Link words Mercury,
10 words.
just asked to together Venus, Earth,
Asked to write
a story using learn words. My Mars, Jupiter,
the words Volkswagen Saturn,
Eats Uranus,
Mouldy Jam Neptune.
Both groups Sandwiches
recalled Creating Taking words
Independent Until Moon
the lists narrative you need to
groups design remember,
equally well stories aids
immediately recall from and including
Recalling all after. long term them in a story
12 lists at the memory
end, group
1 was a lot
better at recall.


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