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Cognitive stage
· Where the learner is trying to understand the demands of
the skill and visualising how it should look
· Coach gives guidance and displays demonstrations
· Learner must concentrate to perform the skill (they
cannot focus on other stimuli other than performing the
· Errors are made by the learner when they start to attempt
the skill…read more

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Associative stage
· Learner is more successful performing the skill and less
errors occur
· Stage of most rapid improvement
· Improves accuracy, timing and efficiency
· Performer can use intrinsic and concurrent feedback
· Towards the end they start to make the skill more
complex and be able to use it in more situations (for
example using it against another player instead of a cone)…read more

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Autonomous stage
· Skill improvement develops (but at slower rate because it is
already at a high level)
· Performance shows high levels of accuracy, efficiency and
· The performer can pay attention to tactics and other stimuli
than the skill (it has become habitual)
· The performer can improve and give themselves feedback on
whether they are doing the skill right or not and adjust it
accordingly…read more


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