specialist devices for the disabled

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Specialist devices
Devices for the visually impaired
Braille keyboard- a keyboard with Braille dots on the keys
Braille printer- prints text in Braille onto paper by using pins that are
pressed into the paper to create raised Braille dots.
Load speaker- an output devise for hearing signals and text read out for
someone who can't see it
Microphone- input device with voice recognition software. The user speaks
into the microphone and specialist software converts the speech into text
and commands
Devices for the motor impaired
Motor impairment is the loss or limitation of function in muscle control or
movement. It can include hands that are too large or small for the keyboard,
shakiness, arthritis, paralysis or loss of limb.
Mouth stick- a stick to control input controlled by the mouth
Puff-suck switch- a tube placed in the mouth and blown and sucked
through in order to activate the switch, which is connected to the computer,
which uses specialist software to input the information from the switches or
follow commands.
Tongue activated joystick-placed in the mouth and manipulated with the
Eye typer- a device that fits onto the muscles around the eye and when the
eye is moved a pointer on the screen moves
Foot mouse- a mouse that is controlled by the foot. It involves 2 segments;
one to control the cursor and another to click the mouse and select
Specialist software for the physically disabled
Text to speech system- takes written text and outputs it using a speech
synthesiser. This is useful for the visually impaired and in situations where
users are not able to view the screen at all times, such as when driving.
Speech to text system- takes spoken words and inputs them into the
computer, where they can be used to run commands or converted into text in
a word processor
Auditory feedback system- plays sound in response to the user's activity
such as noises for key presses, opening windows, and deleting files. This is
useful as it confirms an action

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Screen magnifier- a utility that can zoom in on certain areas of the screen
to make it easier for visually impaired people to view information on
computer monitors
Predictive text- suggests the required word as the letters are typed so the
user doesn't have to type the whole word.
Sticky keys- useful for people who find it hard to hold down more than one
key at a time.…read more


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