Sparkleshark Monologue

Drama, a monologue based off the play Sparkleshark from the character Buzz's point of view

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Enters looking for drink, looks through cupboards. Finds a drink called `Buzz', takes many and
places them on the table. Sits down on chair, picks one up, opens it and starts drinking as if talking
to myself.
My name's Edwin, but everyone calls me Buzz, like the astronaut. Speed started it off. We met when
we were 3. Our mums had moved into the same street and they decided to get know each other.
Speed and his mum came around to our, (I used a pause here to emphasise that Buzz is not happy
with his living conditions, and is envious of other peoples, e.g. Russell. I acted disappointed and
angry) rather rickety house. Our mums started getting to know each other and so did Speed and I.
We had endless fun. Until we got our heads stuck in the staircase banister. Laughs at the memory,
then smiles wistfully. We were stuck at the top of the stairs for 3 hours, constantly looking down,
constantly thinking we were going to fall. After that we were terrified of heights, best friends, but
both, petrified of heights. Finished drink, throws empty bottle over shoulder and opens another
one. My mum felt really guilty after that day. It weren't her fault; it was the councils' for not checking
out the house properly. She's alright, my old mum. She's always been there unlike my dad. My dad's
a bit like Russ. You know, flirty, arrogant, completely in love with himself. That's what annoys me
about Russ. And the fact he can't remember my name. Angrily, moves quickly and abruptly and ends
up spilling drink over arm, attempting to brush it off, licks it and makes faces.
Sighs. I don't mind making up stories with Polly, Natasha, Jake and that lot. It's alright. It's just, it
makes me look a bit soft, you know. I mean, I can't really have that, I mean, I'm a bully. And the man of
the house. I'm meant to be tough, not a wimp. I need to look tough for my mum. She needs someone
to look after her. Buzz is really drunk, head falls on table, arms underneath it.


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