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Spanish Tenses

Present Tense
ar verbs (regular) - Comprar * er/ir verbs (regular) - Comer(ir) *
compro compramos como comemos
compras compráis comes coméis
compra compran come comen

Reflexive Verbs - Levantarse * Present Continuous
(me) levanto (nos) levantamos ar -> ando
(te) levantas (os) levantáis er -> iendo

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comprías compríais
compría comprían

Perfect Tense
(haber) -ado/-ido (ar,ir,er) - regular * Irregular Verbs *
he comprado / comido hemos (me) he Cortado (nos) hemos
has habéis (te) has (os) habéis
has han (se) ha (se) han

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\great resource in principle , however check the future tense as it has been formed incorrectly

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