Spanish AR verbs- present tense

How to conjugate regular AR verbs in spanish in the present tense


Present Tense

The present tense is the here and now. For example I walk, I dance.

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AR Verbs

These are any verb in spanish that ends in AR. For example, Bailar, Hablar, Tocar

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How to Conjugate

When conjugating an AR verb you take off the AR and replace it with the correct ending. For example BailAR can become bailO and bailAMOS.

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Verb Endings

I- O

You- AS

He/She/It/You(formal)- A


You(plural)- AIS (accent on the A)

They- AN

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What they will look like

I dance- Bailo

You dance- Bailas

She Dances- Baila

We Dance- Bailamos

You dance- Bailais (accent on the second a)

They dance- Bailan

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