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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit ­ Diversity in Families and Households
Recent Trends in Family Life: Cohabitation, One Parent Families, Reconstituted
Families, Samesex and Single Persons Households, Dual Career Families.

Diversity in the Family Structure
Diversity within the family structure can be seen from the Office…

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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Some characteristics of SingleParent Families
A great majority of single parents are working class women.
Many single parents' families live in poverty. In 1985 63% of single parents were
receiving income support as their major source of income. Government
policies seem much more in favour…

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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Another changed linked to family diversity is that there has been a growth in the paid
employment of married women. In 1991 67% of married women were employed
outside the home, nearly half of them working part time.



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