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Assess the view that sociologists should adopt a scientific approach to studying society (33)

Positivist sociologists would argue that sociology should be studied like the natural sciences through
objective quantitative research methods such as field and lab experiments, social surveys and official
statistics. However, Interpretivists argue that quantitative research methods…

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cannot be generalised and will not produce the same answer/data every time, therefore it is not
representative or reliable. There is also the risk of the imposition problem or the Hawthorne effect with
Interpretivist research methods; when the view of the researcher is imposed onto the respondent or the


Jade Clements


Just curious what grade did you get for this essay?  



This was the plan that I did for a timed essay in my lesson, so the actual essay I wrote would have been a little different to this. I can't remember my mark out of 33 but I got an A overall :)

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