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Topic 7: Ideology and Science

Science as a belief system
The impact of science
The success of science has led to widespread faith in it
Most recently this faith has dimmed
Both the god and bad effects of science demonstrate the key feature distinguishing it from
other belief systems or…

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Topic 7: Ideology and Science

Witchcraft among the Azande

Example of closed belief system:
Can't and won't be overturned with evidence E.g. If a person and the chicken died it was simply
evidence that the potion was bad.
Azande do not believe in chance or coincidence, use witchcraft to…

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Topic 7: Ideology and Science

Lyotard: Science falsely claims to offer the truth about how the world works as a way of
working towards bettering society. in reality science is just another discourse that is used to
dominate the people

Ideology: A worldview with certain sets of ideas and…

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Topic 7: Ideology and Science

Some argue that it isn't the existence of ideology that prevents revolution

Karl Mannheim
All belief systems have a one sided world view as they see the world as one group or social class
Distinguishes between two types of world view:
Ideological thought: Conservative ideology…




Do you have any for Unit 4- crime and deviance? These were really helpful :) 

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