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Functionalism is a consensus view of society and has a macro approach. It is believed that society is split into
many social institutions such as the government, religion, family, education and health. If one of the institutions
does not function properly, other institutions may also not function as well.…

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Pattern maintenance ­ In order to maintain a pattern, core values should be reinforced and we should be
constantly socialised. The family, media, religion and education are vital for the socialisation process because
values, meanings and norms are shared within these institutions.


One strength of the Functionalist argument is…

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Analysis for Functionalism and New Right

New Right and Functionalists both agree that the family helps society to function. However, the difference is that
New Right argue that single parent families should not exist, nor the generous benefits as this stops roles in the
Marxists and Functionalists argue that…

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Coercion (to force to act to think in a certain way through pressure or threat): public services such as the police,
the army, and other areas such as prison and courts force other classes such as the ruling class to accept that they
are ruling them.
Consent (hegemony): the bourgeoisie…

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Preciariat/Precarious Proletariat ­ Poorest, Most
Deprived Class.
Ignores importance of other social institutions.
E.G. Religion.

Similarities and Differences

One difference between the Functionalist perspective and the Marxist perspective is that the Functionalists say
that society is split into subsystems whereas the Marxists argue that society is split into two classes.…

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The key concept of radical feminism is PATRIARCHY (Male Domination).

Women's main role is to bare and care for infants, since performing this role means they become more
dependent on males.
Patriarchy is the basic form of social inequality and conflict. Men are the main enemy to women.
All men…

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Functionalism and Feminism both argue that characteristics create society but have different approaches in this.
Functionalists argue that society is characterised by harmony and stability in order for society to function
whereas feminists argue that society is characterised by men and women and therefore society is patriarchal
and men are…

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- Our actions are based on meanings we give to people or situations. It is not an automatic response to
- These meanings come from interaction.
- The meanings we give to situations are mainly the result of taking the role of the other. This means interpreting
other people's…

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Enlightment Project ­ this refers to discovering true knowledge and progress to a better society.

The media creates hyper reality ­ signs appear more real than reality itself, leaving us unable to distinguish image
from reality. If we can't get a grasp from reality, we lose the power to change…


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