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AS Family…read more

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Believe the family in society perform two
functions and that they need to work alongside
the welfare.
The functions are
1. Primary Socialisation
2. Stabilisation of the adult personality, this is
where the family provide a relaxing
environment, where it is stress free. The
family are there to take away all the stresses
in family life.
Developed the Fit thesis ­ idea that the nuclear
family emerged because it best suited the
needs of industrial society.…read more

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He is also a functionalist.
All families fulfil four functions, which are:
1. Sexual
2. Reproductive ­ next generation
3. Economic ­ provide food and shelter
4. Educational ­ socialisation.…read more

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Wanted to destroy capitalism.
He was a Marxist
Similar to Marx.
Studied England's emergence of
Looked at:
A workers life ­ their conditions
Their pay
The population of towns, neighbourhoods and
cities.…read more

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Suggested that there is inequality between
capitalists and the working class.
He rejects the idea the society is based on
consensus (harmony/serve the interest of
everyone in society)
Society is based upon conflict (does not serve
the interest of everyone) between the ruling
class and the working class
The ruling class benefit from society.
He was a Marxist, and developed the theory.
He recognised the inequality in the
workforce.…read more

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Developed evidence against the idea of the fit
He was a historian
Examined parish records in Englands and found
90% of people lived in a nuclear family between
1564 and 1821 which is suggesting the fit thesis
is incorrect.
Therefore the fit thesis is incorrect because the
nuclear family was more common than the
extended family before industrialisation, parson'
s fit thesis said the nuclear family became the
norm because of industrialisation in the
industrial period.…read more

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