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The happy theory! Sociologists: Emile Durkhelm and Talcott Parsons. Functionalist view the family as
something that helps contribute to society by offering primary socialisation to their kids. Also, the family
is seen as an agency of social control.
Talcott Parsons two irreducible functions of the family:

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The New Right believes the nuclear family is been undermined by divorce (which has become too easy)
and welfare benefits (too generous.) New Right thinking has had a large effect on social policies ­
especially when it comes to benefits as it has made them harder to get.

The New…

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Links to feminism: MARXIST FEMINISTS
The family with its exploitation of women serves the needs and perpetuates capitalism. Examples of
Marxist feminists:

1.Benston - family responsibilities make male workers less likely to strike.
2. Ansley - emotional support in family stabilises male workers -makes them less likely to take

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1. Cultural homogenization ­ cultures aren't as separate as they used to be. A lot of places are
becoming westernized.
2. Diversity ­ can do whatever you want i.e. marry someone ­ now you can divorce. Means we now
have a large amount of choice.
3. Choice ­ so many…

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They also look at individuals within society ­ not just society by itself. For example, we look at trees
within a forest... we take in the details.

Erving Goffman: Dramaturgical Theory
Goffman argued that people are like actors in a play
We perform roles, we use props, we learn our…


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