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Perspectives on
Unit 6
Social Institutions…read more

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For functionalists family plays many roles
Socialization of Young
Socioemotional Support
Regulates Sexual Activity
Transmits Social Status
Economics…read more

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The Roles of Family
Socialization: teaches young children what they
need to know to participate in society
Socioemotional Support: family is a place where
one is generally unconditionally accepted and
· Without this children won't develop normally
(low self esteem, fear of rejection...)
Reproduction: society needs reproduction to
survive, family offers an organized means for
producing new members…read more

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The Roles of Family cont'
Regulate Sexual Activity: All society have rules
about mating and marrying. Regardless of the
culture it is up to the family to enforce the cultures
rules about sexual activity
Transmit Social Status: Families transmit their
social status to their children as well as the
values that affect that social status
Economics: In today's societies families usually
need to pool their resources to buy what they
need…read more

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Conflict Theorists
Conflict Theorists focus on how family members compete
and cooperate
Because throughout history most family structures were
based on patriarchy and patrilineal lines, family systems
have been built on gender inequality
Gender Relationships in the Family
According to conflict theorists, males are dominant and in
Females were typically expected to be submissive
Women were wageless and dependent on their husbands
Feminists and the Conflict Theory
Feminists state that women are undervalued in an
industrial society
Attempts by women to gain power in the family structure
results in conflict.…read more

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Symbolic Interactionists
According to Symbolic Interactionists, the key to
understanding family is to look at the interactions
among family members and the meanings family
members assign to these interactions
Family's Role in the Development of Self-Concept
Socialization begins with the family
As families share meanings and feelings, children
develop their self-concepts
Relationships within the family are constantly
changing as the family develops and grows…read more


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