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Social Policy
· Action governments take (such as making laws) to tackle
social issues and `problems' in society
· Direct effects
Some policies are aimed specifically at family life e.g. Laws
on marriage, divorce, child protection, contraception and
· Indirect effects
Policies on other social or economic issues also affect the
family e.g. Compulsory schooling provides childcare for
working parents but also keeps children dependent
financially for longer…read more

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The Political Spectrum
Believe in equality for all, family Believe in working hard and
diversity, change, modernising, looking after yourself, capitalism,
social services, welfare support free market, nuclear family,
and reform to help disadvantaged traditional values, low taxes and
people not changing too much
Extreme Moderate Centre Moderate Extreme
Left Left Right Right
Communist Labour Democrats Conservatives BNP…read more

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Back to Basics Campaign (1990s)
· Introduced by conservative government
· Aims
Herald the virtues of traditional family views
· Impact
Demonise lone-parent families
Increase social stigma attached to lone-parent families…read more

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Child Support Act (CSA ­ 1991)
· Introduced by conservative government
· Aims
Force absent fathers to pay for maintenance of their children
· Impact
Reducing welfare payments to lone mothers…read more

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Family Law Act (1996)
· Introduced by conservative government
· Aims
Prevent couples from divorcing unless they have been
married for a year
Decrease divorce
· Impact
Support the institution of marriage
Increase empty shell marriages…read more

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