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2 Describe how to determine the time of death of a mammal by examining the extent of
decomposition, stage of succession, forensic entomology, body temperature and degree of
muscle contraction.


Putrefaction is the first sign of decomposition in humans a greenish discolouration of the skin of the
lower abdomen…

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Forensic entomology

The presence of insects allows an estimation of how much time has elapsed since death
Information on the location and condition of the body are recorded
Samples of insects are taken from the body and their exact location and where they were found are
The temperature of…

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After a further period of time, rigor mortis passes and muscles are again relaxed
o After death muscle cells are starved of oxygen = oxygen dependent reactions stop
o Respiration in the cells becomes anaerobic and produces lactic acid
o The pH of the cells falls= inhibiting enzymes= inhibiting anaerobic…


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