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Chemicals in cigarettes
There are around 4000 different chemicals in one Cigarette. All of them are harmful in some kind of way. There
are three main chemicals nicotine ­ which is addictive, tar ­ coats the inside of your lungs with a thick black
layer and carbon monoxide which joins up with red blood cell and stops oxygen travelling around the body.
Some of the chemicals in cigarettes are poisonous. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can be harder to detect as
it doesn't have any smell to it at all.
Health problems caused by smoking
There are lots of illnesses caused by smoking including bronchitis of the lungs
and cancer. Other things include stained teeth, loss of smell, shortness of breath
and more coughs and colds. There are lots of cancers included in smoking
including mouth, lung, stomach and throat. It can cause heart disease. There
are lots of things you can catch from smoking. If you smoke whilst you are
pregnant, the baby will have all the bad chemicals passed to them.


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