Smoking And Its Effects

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  • Smoking
    • Smoking can cause cancer by damaging the cells that line the lungs.
      • When smoking, carcinogens change the lung tissue and this could cause a benign tumor to form.
        • Statistics show that 43000 people died of lung cancer from smoking in 2000.
    • Substances in tobacco smoke are carbon monoxide, nitrogen, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine and radioactive compounds
    • Smoking can cause vascular disease by damaging the structure and function of the blood vessels and the structure of the heart.
      • All this damage can increase your risk of artherosclerosis.
        • Statistics show that 31000 people died of vascular disease from smoking in 2000.
    • Statistics show that around 700 babies are born dead each year due to the mother smoking in pregnancy.
    • Statistics show that the risk of death from cardiovascular disease increases depending on how many cigarettes someone smokes. Example: If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, 1025 people will die from cardiovascular disease due to smoking


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