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What is Situation Ethics?

Situation ethics is subjective, individualistic and is prepared to accept
any action at all if it fits the required criteria.
States you must act, no matter what the situation, out of love
In situation ethicseverything is relative and dependant on the
circumstances that the individual has…

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So, what is the love that Fletcher talks about?

Single moral principle do whatever is the most loving thing
Fletcher did not talk about Eros (Passionate), Philia (Friendship) or Storge
(Family) but AGAPE LOVE

What is Agape love?

Agape love is Christian Love.
It seeks for the greatest good for…

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6 Fundamental Principles.
1. Only one thing is intrinsically goodthat is love (Agape) and nothing else.

Actions are good if they help people. What may be right in one case could be wrong
in another

E.g. stealing a gun from a man who intended to use it to murder his…

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Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths Weaknesses

Every situation is different and requires Provides too much freedom. Some
thought. people want security of knowing what is
right and wrong. They may want law and
not responsibility of decision making.

Unrealistic to follow moral rules all the We do not live in an…

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`spinsterised'. Christians see this as


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