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Simultaneous equations... B
This will gain you a couple of easy marks and it is simple
as soon as you know the method. Much like the rest of
So click on to find out more…read more

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Work them out at the
same time.
VERY IMPORTANT Most probably on
the exam.
So how do you do it?…read more

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Solve the simultaneous equations
p le x-3y = 9
Both 3ys cancel
This is easy because both out.
of the y values are the 2x+3y=0
same and this is
important . (It doesn't
x-3y = 9
have to be the y value it
can be the x).
x=9 x=3
STOP y =-2
Same signs Takeaway Opposites Plus x= 9/3
Now substitute into the first equation.
1. (2x3) +3y =0 You can check it with the second one
6 +3y =0 but I think we have the answer...
+3y= -6/3
y =-2 DONE!…read more

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This one is very different:
What factors `2' and `5' go
2x-3y=11 into?
x5 5x+2y =18 10
We can't cancel any of these
down... 10x-15y =55 These x terms are
10x+4y=36 the same!
So what do we do know?
Much like a fraction
we have to times it
to make it have the
same terms I am 4y=36
going to use x to x =4
make it simple! y=19/-19 y =-1
Now substitute into the second equation.
2. 5x-2 = 18
5x = 20
x =20/5
x =4 DONE!…read more


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