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Simultaneous Equations
with Peter and Stewie Griffin
Module 5 Maths…read more

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What is a Simultaneous
You don't know?
They're equations with two unknowns (e.g
usually x and y). They are called
simultaneous because they must both be
solved at the same time.…read more

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Step 1- Eliminate 1 unknown
-You need to work out what x and y are:
Equation 1: 6x + y = 14
Equation 2: 4x - y = 9
- So step 1 you add the two equations to
eliminate the ys:
6x + y = 13
2x - y = 9
8x = 24
x =3…read more

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Step 2- Substitute it back in
Step 2: You put x = 3 back into whatever equations
you want.
-Put x = 3 back into the equation 6x + y =14
18 + y = 14
y = 14-18
y= -4
So the answers are x = 3 and y = -4
Sometimes you have to
multiply one or both
equations before you can
add or subtract so be
careful!…read more

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Oh my gosh Stewie, I finally
understand Simultaneous
Equations, I'm going to go
impress Louis
Let me out of this now!
Or you'll regret it...
Don't worry if you
didn't understand
that method, there
are others such as
substitution…read more


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