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An exam question i answered as revision and had cheacked by my teacher. I hope you find this helpful and if you have any improvements please post them :)

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Outline the view that there can be clear judgements about what is right
an what is wrong in matters of sexual ethics (21 marks)
Roman Catholics believe that there can be clear judgements about what is right and wrong in the
matters of sexual ethics as they believe morality is absolute and objective because god is the
ultimate source. Roman Catholics follow the view that sex should be between heterosexual married
couples in order to procreate. They argue against homosexual sex as it is impossible to procreate,
therefore they see it as going against natural law. This means they also do not believe in
masturbation or contraception as sex in their eyes should not be recreational. They believe this as
they have the view that they were born with `original sin' and should supress sexual urges for
pleasure, it should be reserved solely for procreation. This can be supported by the quote from the
bible Genesis 1 `Be fruitful and multiply'
Natural law is based on revelation which is clear god given morality. In the Old Testament it states
that "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Many take this as a clear
moral judgement against homosexuals. Also one of the Ten Commandments is `Thou shalt not lie with
thy neighbour's wife' this is a clear judgement against adultery. Also in the bible it states `And the
man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his
neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.' However even
though many would take this as a clear judgement others would argue that the bible also states Jesus
said `he is without sin can cast the first stone' when asked if an adulterous woman should be put to
death so there is contradiction within the bible which means it is not always clear when following the
bible. Though most Christians who take their views of sexual ethics from the bible and the church
arguably make clear judgements of what is right and wrong within sexual ethics.
On the contrary many believe there cannot be clear moral views about sex as it is all dependant on
the situation, it's situational/relativist. Libertarians and Utilitarian's believe as they have no religious
view on the function of sex it does not have to be linked to marriage or procreation to be morally
permissible. If there is mutual consent between both parties chosen at their own free will, it is in
private and it doesn't hurt anyone it is morally accepted. This means they see rape, underage sex,
paedophilia and sex involving deception as morally wrong as they don't have free will in these cases
or it is compromised by deception. What is classed as deception though is not set in stone and
consent can be seen by one person but not the other so decisions can be unclear. Greek philosophers
saw sex as something weakening to the mind. The Pythagoreans (they influenced Plato) believed
humans should refrain from physical activities. In this way the soul, that's imprisoned in the body, is
freed to move to a new form. The Cynics however saw no point in controlling pleasure and saw no
shame in the sexual act, even going as far as performing it in public. The Stoics reacted against this
and linked sex only to reproduction and the continuing of the human race. So even just within the
Greeks view there are vast contradictions. Overall because it is situational it is flexible and can be
stretched to make almost anything acceptable so they cannot have a clear judgement on sexual
To what extent is it a reasonable claim that religious beliefs are no
longer a helpful way of solving dilemmas in sexual ethics? (9 marks)

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I think that in the modern day religious beliefs are no longer a helpful way of solving dilemmas in
sexual ethics. As the bible reflects the views of the time and we as people have grown since, just like
technology and our views in modern day life are very different to when the bible was written.…read more


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