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2049BC ­ Bronze Age…read more

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The site
Timber enclosure ­ not a henge
Upturned tree trunk ­ Symbolism
Art and Iconography
Worship of tree - Totemism
Sacrifice to save remaining trees - Sacrifice
Fertilising ground - Magic
Surrounded by 55 posts 3-4m out of the ground
Cannot see out - Liminal
Sight restricted - Sensory Experience…read more

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V­shaped entrance ­ difficult access ­ Liminal
All timbers cut down at same time ­ 50-80
people involved ­ Rites of Intensification
bark turned to face outwards ­ looks like giant
tree ­Sensory Experience
Colours of timbers specially selected ­ Sensory
Experience, Symbolism
Gnarly oak chosen ­ Sensory Experience
Built on neither land or water ­ Liminal
Some believe Excarnation took place on
upturned tree…read more

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Midsummer/midwinter alignment ­
Worldview, Ritual Specialist ­ cycle of life
Only enter at certain times of year ­ Rites of
Intensification…read more

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Section A Terms
Symbolism ­ upturned tree ­ fertilising; colours specially
Art and Iconography ­ looks like big tree from outside;
upturned tree
Totemism ­ worship of tree
Sacrifice ­ sacrifice one tree to save others
Magic ­ fertilizing ground with tree
Liminal ­ can't see out when inside enclosure; near sea ­ not
on land or water; v-shaped entrance ­ difficult access
Sensory Experience ­ sight restricted when inside enclosure;
bark looks like large tree from outside; gnarly oak
Rites of Intensification ­ 50-80 people involved ­
community; only enter at certain times of year
Excarnation ­ some believe it happened on tree stump
Worldview ­ alignment with sun ­ circle of life
Ritual Specialist ­ needed expert to plan alignment and
building…read more


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