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Ethics As revision
By Abigail Tracey…read more

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Natural Law
Natural Law says that everything has a
Mankind was made by God with a specific
design or objective in mind.
Purpose can be known through reason.
As a result, fulfilling the purpose of our design
is the only `good' for humans.…read more

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The purpose of Humans
"Do Good and Avoid Evil"
Aquinas talked of primary precepts. (Teleological)
o Worship God
o Ordered society
o Reproduce
o Learning
o Defend the innocent/ Don't die…read more

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Secondary Precepts
These are the rules that are derived form the
primary precepts. These are absolute and
deontological. These rules cannot be broken
regardless of what the consequences of the
action will be.…read more

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Efficient and Final cause
This is Aristotle's distinction between what gets
things done (efficient cause) and the end
product (final cause). For humans achieving our
end product is `good'.…read more

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Real and apparent goods
Following a `real good' will result in the
preservation or improvement of self, getting
nearer to the ideal human nature that God had
planned. There are many apparent goods that
may be pleasurable but ultimately lead us to fall
short of our potential. Reason is used to
determine the `real good'.…read more

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