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Scalars & Vectors…read more

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Scalars & Vectors
· All quantities in Physics are either a scalar or
a vector.
· A Scalar quantity has size (magnitude) only.
· A Vector quantity has both magnitude and
direction.…read more

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Scalar Vector
Distance Displacement (distance in a certain
Speed Velocity (speed in a certain direction)
Time Acceleration
Mass Force (including Weight)
Energy Momentum
Charge Magnetic flux density
Potential difference (voltage)
Power…read more

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For example, mass is a scalar. When you
add mass, you simply increase the
magnitude of the quantity.
When you add
another mass the
reading on the
scales increases by
the amount added.
300 g
It would make no sense to say 400 g to the left, right, up or down.…read more

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Illustrating vectors
· We draw vectors as arrows:
4 cm
The length of the arrow is equivalent to the magnitude (size) of the vector.
The angle () measured to the horizontal (or sometimes vertical) gives us the
direction of the vector.…read more

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When you add vectors you have to
consider the direction.
· Eg: tug of war.
700 N to the left 1200 N to the right
Negative direction Positive direction
When you `add' these vectors you have to think about the direction.
Resultant is 1200 + ­ 700 = 500 N…read more

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