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Ruined Maid [Thomas Hardy]
Amelia repeats the "Oh" said by her friend
Mimics her friend
Slightly mocking as though it should not be so unbelievable that she has
Single lined parts for Amelia
Brevity suggests indifferent tone of laconic detachment
Very matter of fact tone; accepting of her circumstances
Almost like a punch line to a joke
"That's how we dress"
Inclusive pronoun "we" reveals that Amelia is initiating her segregation
from her previous life
Indicates a slight hierarchy to the situation
"Paws" to "gloves" highlights her refinement
"You left us in you've gay bracelets"; contrasting
situations used for irony and to mock Victorian attitudes to "ruined"
Asks the questions: is Amelia ruined or is it her friend that is physically
Plosive letter "B"
"Blue" + "bleak" indicates friends shock and awe at Amelia's
Highlights the difference between the two different women e.g. "polish"
"You ain't ruined"
"Ain't" switches her dialogue as it displays her original roots.
It is a deliberate reclamation of her true self.
Breaks the strict, upright rhythm she attempts to maintain
Exclamation marks suggests shock and envy from her friend's part
- "You used to"; past is used as a way of contrasting with Amelia's present
"My dear"; this direct addressing is slightly patronising and mocking
"Raw country girl"
Defining the difference between herself and the "country girl" that she
once was.
Amelia has the power because she is judging her friend which breaks

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