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Ruined Maid [Thomas Hardy]

Amelia repeats the "Oh" said by her friend
Mimics her friend
Slightly mocking as though it should not be so unbelievable that she has

Single lined parts for Amelia
Brevity suggests indifferent tone of laconic detachment
Very matter of fact tone; accepting of her circumstances…

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Caesura e.g. "My dear-"
Breaks the flow of her speech which suggests a lack of self-assurance
underneath the façade

Rhythm and rhyme
Make is sound light-hearted, playful, ditty
Has a nursery rhyme quality; ironic b/c would not teach children the
way a "ruined" woman behaves

The naïve farm worker…

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Personal voice is evident
Women are used and abused
More to the situation than meets the eye

Hunchback in the park

Life is cruel; both characters end up in their situation out of necessity
People are very judgemental
Society has a responsibility to take care of each other.


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