Jekyll and hyde

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  • Jekyll and Hyde
    • Characters
      • Gabriel Utterson
        • a very respectable lawyer who is a friend of Jekyll and tries to help him all the time and find out the truth about Hyde
      • Poole
        • Jekyll's butler who has worked for him a long time
      • Sir Danvers Carew
        • a saint like figure beaten to death by hyde
      • Dr Lanyon
        • a respectable doctor and a former friend of Jekyll until his experiments became too much for him
      • Enfield
        • a friend of Utterson's who is also very respectable only appearing in the first chapter
      • Mr Guest
        • Utterson's clerk who is a handwriting expert and discovers similarities between Jekyll's and Hyde's writing
    • Events
      • chapter 1 story of the door
        • mr Utterson and mr Enfield are on a walk  when they pass a strange looking door  and enfied proceeds to tell the story of when Hyde trampled a girl then used a cheque from Jekyll to pay the girls family
      • chapter 2 search for Hyde
        • Utterson reads Jekyll's will and visits his house where he is told Hyde often comes it through the side door and the staff have been told to serve him
      • chapter 3 Dr Jekyll was quite at ease
        • Jekyll hosts a dinner party where he made Utterson promise to look after Hyde if something happens to Jekyll
      • chapter 4 the Carew murder case
        • Hyde kills a man in the street with a maid seeing it then Utterson and the police go to his house and find the murder weapon
      • chapter 5 incident of the letter
        • Utterson uses Jekyll's letter of invitation and Hyde's note to compare writing with the help and mr Guest who said the handwriting is similar
      • chapter 6 remarkable incident of the letter
        • Hyde is still hidden and Jekyll secludes himself. Utterson visits Lanyon who gets angry when he first mentioned Jekyll. Weeks later he dies of shock
      • chapter 7 incident at the window
        • Utterson and Enfield see Jekyll on a walk in his window then he won't come down and suddenly they hear a scream and the window shuts
      • chapter 8 the last night
        • Utterson and the butler believe Jekyll was killed in his office but instead find Hyde's body and Jekyll's will which left all possessions to Utterson also lanyon's letter
      • chapter 9 Dr Lanyon's narrative
        • Lanyon follows instructions in Jekyll's letter. He meets Hyde who created a potion and sees him transform into Jekyll, Lanyon later dies of shock
      • chapter 10 Henry Jekyll's full statement of the case
        • Jekyll tells the truth about all his experiments creating Hyde but then feeling overpowered and that he lost control of Hyde and the chapter with him dead
    • context
      • victorian era
        • science vs religion year before book was published Darwin published his theory of evolution creating unrest in the very religious Britain
        • people who were seen as different were kept behind closed doors or put into mental institutions
        • the time of Jack the ripper
        • the time when prostitution was at it's highest
      • Stevenson
        • he was interested in the double life of prostitution
        • dreamed the story of Jekyll and Hyde
        • he studied engineering to please his father so was seen as having a double life because he didn't enjoy his studies just like Jekyll
    • themes
      • science
        • Jekyll and Lanyon were both scientists and science was becoming more popular since Darwin's theory was published
      • reputation
        • for Victorian gentlemen reputation mattered more then anything
      • secrecy
        • Victorian people kept anything that would ruin their reputation behind closed doors throughout the novela secrets are constantly being made
      • duality
        • every man has two sides an evil one and a good one but these make the man and cannot be divided however in the book Jekyll does this successfully
    • “He began to go wrong, wrong in the mind,” (Lanyon about Jekyll)
    • “like some damned Juggernaut” about Hyde
    • “somehow lovable” about Utterson
    • “Man is not truly one but truly two”


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