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Case studies and headlines DEF
Artificial Insemination InVitro Fertilisation Surrogacy
µ Retro viruses have been used to insert functioning genes into SOMATIC CELL GENETIC ENGINEERING (GE) ­ ª Diane Blood had a baby using ª Natalie Evans wanted to use frozen ª Kim Cotton was paid £6,500 to
defective bone-marrow modifying genes in an individual ­ doesn't affect her dead husband's sperm, embryos without expartner's consent have a baby for another couple.
µ Diabetes suffers can be given gene therapy to control production of future generations
GERM-LINE GENE THERAPY ­ correcting genetic despite having no written ª Baby with three mums ­ one sister She later did the same thing for
disorders in the germ line of an individual ­ these consent donated the egg, another carried the another couple out of love.
µ Potentially, a self-destruct gene could be added to cancer cells to changes are passed on to your children
provide a cure ª Dutch law takes away baby for the third (infertile) sister ª Twins born to their own gran
ENHANCEMENT GE­ individual gene therapy aimed
ANIMALS at improvement rather than fixing a disorder anonymity for sperm donors, ª 63 yr old has baby through IVF ª US couple allegedly ordered
µ `Pig-heart boy' EUGENIC GE ­ using gene therapy to create a leading to sharp drop in ª Eggs sold on the internet for IVF surrogate mother to abort one of
µ Sheep producing alpha-1 antitrypsin in better race of people donations ª HFEA considered reducing no. of her twins
their milk ­ used in treating cystic fibrosis ANIMALS ª Children born through sperm embryos implanted to one ª Woman left infertile by hospital
µ Anti-clotting agent made in goats' milk ­ TRANSGENICS ­ creating an animal with genes donation will be able to trace ª 62 year old Jeanine Salomone, has given sues in order to finance
licence not awarded as they couldn't prove from different animals birth to a child whose biological father is
that the benefits outweighed the risks `PHARMING' ­ creating medicines by putting genes their father ­ after 2023 surrogacy
from one species into another ª French woman wants to have her brother ª Surrogate mother sells baby over
µ Brazil nut gene was put into soy beans but caused nut allergy XENOTRANSPLANTS ­ growing human organs inside her brother's baby through AI ª Black man named legal father of twins born the internet to two different
other species for transplantation to white couple after his sperm was
µ A type of corn producing allergies was used for animal feed ­ but was ª Italy: AI for unmarried couples couples
later found in tacos (jumps from animal feed to human food) PLANTS accidentally used in IVF
ª HFEA advises against buying ª "Born with two mothers" CH4 based on ª Surrogate mother pretends to
µ Antibiotic resistant genes used in crops could get into bacteria (so if GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS ­ changing the
genetic make-up of crops to improve yield, sperm on the internet true story of couple whose eggs were have abortion and then keeps the
infected, we can't cure ourselves with antibiotics)
µ BT corn pesticide killed the harmless Monarch butterfly
resistance to disease and certain pesticides etc. ª NZ professor claims `gay gene' mixed up in IVF baby
may be passed on by donors
· So God created man in his own image. Genesis
Jodie/Mary · You knit me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 139 PGD Stem-cell research
· Conjoined UK twins · You are God's Temple and God's spirit lives in you. 1 Corinthians Ø Experts claim stem-cells taken from
Frozen Embryos
µ Zain Hashmi has inherited ª It is estimated there are 400,000
born in 2000 who · Human life is sacred. Humanae Vitae", 1968 embryos can treat cancer, burns,
blood disorder; mother frozen embryos in storage for IVF
were separated · Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of Alzheimers, broken bones, ALS,
allowed to use PGD to screen ª Embryo research helps improve
despite the Catholic conception. Second Vatican Council diabetes, spinal injuries, strokes etc.
for a suitable donor the success rates of IVF
parents' view that they should `let · The unborn human being's right to live is one of the inalienable µ Charlie Whitaker has life- Ø Critics claim the adult stem cells could
God decide' human rights. Pope John Paul II, 1985 ª UK twins born from embryos
threatening form of Anaemia; work just as well
· Jodie survived and Mary died after · Abortion is a serious sin. Everyone, whether Catholic or not, should travelled to US for PGD as it frozen for 2 years
Ø Thousands sign up as donors for
the operation have a proper respect for human life... From the time that the ovum was not allowed in UK ª As of 2005, around 300 babies
international stem cell bank in Korea
is fertilised a new life is begun which is neither that of the father or µ `PGD should be used for all worldwide born from frozen
Baby Theresa the mother. It is the life of a new human being with its own growth. Ø Researcher claims aborted foetuses embryos
IVF' claim experts
· Born in Florida in 1992, a `baby It would never become human if it were not human already." could provide eggs for embryology ª `Frozen embryos are needlessly
µ Since 1990 1000 babies born
without a brain' (anencephalic). Declaration on Procured Abortion, 1974 after PGD ­ effects Ø UK woman with MS flies to Holland discarded after 5 years' claim
· Parents requested that organs be used · Every human life, created in the divine image, is unique... CofE1988 unchecked to be injected with stem cells researchers
to help other babies ­ doctors agreed · To regard the life of the mother as less valuable than that of the µ Screening is allowed for: Ø Researchers are looking to use animal ª Israeli woman has twins from
but the law said you couldn't remove unborn child does not consider her 'right to life' in terms of her o Huntingdons eggs as 'hosts' to grow human stem cells. embryos frozen 12 years ago
organs until the donor is dead wider roles of wife or mother (actual or potential) of other children, o Cystic Fibrosis Ø Embryonic mice stem cells have been (and 12 years ago she had twins
· When she died 9 days later, her as well in terms of her own person. Abortion, an Ethical o Inherited forms of cancer used to correct a genetic mutation that from the same batch of embryos)
organs were in no condition to be used Discussion, Church information office 1965 o Down's Syndrome causes sickle cell anaemia.


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