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1610 ­ 1643
Louis XIII & Richelieu…read more

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· Cardinal Richelieu - Louis XIII chief minister
· Catholic devots - Loyal/Devout Catholics at court
· Cinq Mars - Young man who was used an a prawn by the nobility
· Comte de Chalais - Lover of the Duchess de Chevreuse
· Duchess de Chevreuse ­ Abetted Gaston and conspired against
· Duke of Buckingham ­ English duke, helped during La Rochelle
· Gaston d'Orleans ­ Brother of the King
· Henri IV ­ Father of Louis XIII
· Henri Montmorency - Member of the Montmorency family, lead a
rebellion with Gaston
· Louis XIII ­ Current ruler of French, dependent on the affections of
· Luynes - Noble, interested in hunting and helping lead Louis' rebellion
· Mademoiselle de Montpensier - Was set to marry Gaston
· Marie De Medici - Mother of Louis XIII, regent during 1610 - 14
· Marillac - Favourite of Medici, wanted to take a post of commander in
Northern Italy
· Montmorency-Boutville - Young men exiled in the past for duelling
· Rohan - Lead the Huguenot revolt at La Rochelle…read more

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· Henri IVs widow, Marie de Medici become regent on
behalf of 9 year old Louis XIII
· Great nobles flocked to court, demanding pensions, titles
and positions of power
· The administration of France fell in hands of those strong
enough to seize it
· At a meeting of the states general, Richelieu
· By simple flattery, he was awarded a minor post in the
royal council
· To distract the king, he was placed in the care of Luynes
· However, in 1617 Louis organised a place rebellion and took
· In 1619, Richelieu acted as a mediator between the king and
his mother
· In 1614, he was rewarded with a cardinals hat and chief
ministers position…read more

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· First plot to remove Richelieu from power
· Arose from Gaston's refusal to marry mademoiselle de
· The match was urged by Louis, but Gaston disliked her
· Gaston had hoped to free himself from the arrangement by
conspiring to destroy Richelieu
· He was helped by the Duchess de Chevreuse and one of
her lovers, the comte de Chalais
· Louis was no easily impressed, Gaston was required to go
ahead with the marriage
· Louis affirmed his commitment to Richelieu and made it
clear that those who dared to intrigue did so at their peril…read more

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· Louis revived the laws against duelling
· A young braggart, Montmorency-Boutville had been
exiled for duelling
· He retuned and chose to fight under Richelieu's window
· Despite the change in law, Louis insisted that the affront to
his authority be punished by death
· The incident impressed the nobility with the king's
determination to uphold dignity…read more

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`So long as they have a foothold in France, the king will not be a
maser in his own household and will be unable to undertake any
great enterprise abroad' ­ Richelieu
·The Huguenots were still a powerful group of people despite
the Treaty of Montpellier which removed some of their
·They had become worried about the influence of the catholic
devots at court
·The rebellion was a desperate attempt to display their
·In 1625, Rohan organised a revolt in Languedoc
·His colleague, Soubise raised a naval squadron and destroyed
the royal fleet…read more

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