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The roots of anti-Semitism…read more

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Adolf Hitler was the
leader of the German
regime which murdered
around 6 million Jews in
HOWEVER - Adolf Hitler
did not create anti-
Semitism ­ hatred against
the Jews
Hitler's views were by no
means unique
Arguably Hitler was the
product of, rather than
the creator of a very anti-
Semitic society…read more

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Anti-Semitism throughout history
Anti-Semitism was not a creation of
German society.
Nor was anti-Semitism a creation of the
20th Century.
We can trace anti-Semitism in many
different European countries and at many
different times throughout history…read more

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Medieval anti-Semitism
We can trace anti-Semitism in Europe right
back to the 5th century.
At this time anti-Semitism was largely based
on religious hostility.
The Jews were blamed for:
Death of Christ
Not accepting Christianity
It was almost impossible to be a Christian
without being anti-Semitic…read more

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Medieval anti-Semitism
There were also other reasons which led to further
hatred of the Jews:
Unpopular as money-lenders
Common treatment of European Jews at this time
Segregation into ghettos
Forcible expulsion from countries
Violent assault
Destruction of property
However despite this Jews still retained a strong
cultural identity which ensured they remained as
"outsiders"…read more

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Manuscript from
1515 that depicts
Jews being
burned at the stake
in Lucerne,
Switzerland. The
Jews are clearly
identified by their
yellow badges.…read more

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