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Nadine Allen


Before 1968 there was no statutory definition of robber. The Larceny Act 1916
provided sentences for robber offences

Section 8 Theft Act 1968 Definition
A person is guilty of robbery is he steals and immediately before or at the time
of doing and in order to do…

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Nadine Allen

Section 8 says that force must be used immediately before or at
the time of the theft
Hale 1979
2 Ds knocked on a door of a house, when the women opened the door they
forced into the house. One D put their hand over her mouth to…

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Nadine Allen

Corcoran and Anderton
One of the Ds hit a women in the back and tugged her bag. She let go of the
bag and it dropped on the floor. The Ds ran off without the bag because the
women was screaming and attracting too much attention. It was…

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Nadine Allen

Theft has to be completed but in burglary it doesn't have to be
TA says force must be used before/during the theft yet in Hale and
Lockley they expanded this meaning with the concept of `continuing
appropriation'. Are Judges going beyond their role? Did the parliament
mean for…


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