RNA and Protein Synthesis

Types of RNA explained, as well as the process of Protein synthesis. Useful for the Salters A2 chemistry course (Thread of Life)

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RNA and Protein Synthesis
Types of RNA:
There are 3 types of RNA: Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA and Ribosomal RNA.
Messenger RNA (mRNA):
Transfer RNA (tRNA):
Ribosomal RNA (rRNA):
It is made up of polynucleotide strands attached to proteins to create ribosomes. It is the largest
type of RNA.

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Protein Synthesis:
1. DNA double helix unwinds and unzips, to reveal a single-stranded portion.
2. Free RNA nucleotides bind to DNA nucleotides with the complementary bases.
3. RNA polymerase enzyme joins RNA nucleotides together, forming mRNA.
4. DNA coils up again, unchanged.
5. A ribosome attaches to the mRNA and moves along it to locate a start codon (Bases AUG).
6. Once the start codon has been found, a tRNA with the correct anticodon bases pairs with the
AUG inside the ribosome.
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