River Processes

Definition for each keyword. Flash cards easy to use and helpful to remember for your exam.

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Source The start point of a river
Mouth Where a river enters the sea or a lake
Tributary Small river which flows into a larger
Confluence Where two river meet
Drainage Basin Area of land drained by a single river

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Watershed The imaginary land that surrounds a
drainage basin
Channel The feature in which a river flows
Traction Large boulders roll along the river
Saltation Small particles `jumping' along the
river bed
Suspension Small particles of clay and silt carried
along in the river
Solution Minerals are dissolved in the water
and carried along in the flow.…read more

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Hydraulic power Force of the water removing
material from the bed and banks of
the river.
Corrosion/Abrasion Pebbles in the flow of the river
hitting the bed and banks removing
Corrosion Rock minerals are dissolved in the
Attrition The load of the river colliding with
itself, breaking up into smaller pieces
and becoming rounded.…read more

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Gorge Steep sided narrow valley created by
a waterfall/river retreat.…read more

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Alluvium River deposited material
Levee Natural embankments of silt along
the banks of a river, often several
metres higher than the flood plain.
Delta The landform created when a river
splits up and flows into the sea
through more than one channel.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A document of printable flash cards - this is good for getting those key terms exactly right. Most of the terminology you will need for river processes.

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