Geography Rivers

  • The Features of a River
  • River Processes
  • River Landforms
  • Flooding
  • River Management
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Features of a River Basin

Source:- Where the river begins

Mouth:- Where the river flows into the sea

Channel:- Where the river flows

Tributary:- A stream flowing into a main river

Confluence:- Where two tributaries meet

Watershed:- The edge of the river basin

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River Processes

Erosion is the wearing away of the rivers banks

Types of Erosion

Hydraulic Action:- water crashes into gaps in the rocks, compressing the air, and forcing particles apart

Abrasion:- flowing water picks up rocks from the bed that smash against the river bank.

Attrition:- rocks carried by  the river smash into one another, so they become smaller and rounder.

Corrosion:- Chemicals in the water dissolve and break down material carried in the river.

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River Processes

Transportation is the river carrying debris by a river. The river must have lots of energy to do this.


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